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Sweatcoin: When Every Step You Take Has Its Weight in Crypto | TURING MACHINE AI BLOG

Given today’s ubiquitous smartphone use, particularly among crypto aficionados, many ponder if these devices can serve for cryptocurrency mining. However, the stark reality is that conventional mining on these gadgets is impractical. Even the top-tier smartphones fall short when matched against the processing might of desktops or dedicated mining setups. With mining becoming increasingly intricate and coupled with the erratic nature of cryptocurrency markets, profitability is on the decline. Often, the electrical costs for mining on an ordinary PC surpass the potential gains.

But don’t be discouraged! Your iPhone or other smartphone can be beneficial in the cryptocurrency world in other ways. There are methods of mining or earning cryptocurrency that don’t require high performance and continuous device operation. We’ll explain how to do this in this article.

Sweatcoin: When Every Step You Take Has Its Weight in Crypto | TURING MACHINE AI BLOG

Sweatcoin: When Every Step You Take Has Its Weight in Crypto

Imagine going about your day, hanging out with friends or simply going for a jog, all while earning cryptocurrency. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie? Yet, the Sweatcoin app makes it a reality!

The concept is straightforward: Sweatcoin transforms your physical activity, precisely every step you take, into virtual currency. Walk 4,000 steps, and you’ll earn 1 Sweatcoin (SWEAT). Admittedly, it’s a pretty motivating proposition! And if you think it’s just another in-app point system, think again.

As of writing this article, a single SWEAT is valued at $0.007 and is traded on prominent crypto exchanges such as KuCoin, Bitfinex, OKX, Bybit, and Gate.io. This isn’t just some in-game coin; it’s a legitimate cryptocurrency!

But here’s the kicker. Every day, the number of steps required to earn one SWEAT will increase. This means that mining this coin will become progressively challenging. From this, one might predict that its value could potentially rise in the future.

So, Sweatcoin presents us with an intriguing experiment. What if we combined physical activity with cryptocurrency? Can we make our walks and workouts beneficial for our health and our wallets simultaneously? Only time will tell. But one thing is clear: thanks to such innovations, the world of cryptocurrency is becoming more accessible and understandable for all of us.

To register, download the app from the Play Store or App Store. Once installed, enter the required details and ensure you enable location tracking. This ensures the app can verify your genuine movements and confirms that you’re not trying to deceive it.

STEPN: Physical Activity as a New Kind of Cryptocurrency 'Mining' | TURING MACHINE AI BLOG

STEPN: Physical Activity as a New Kind of Cryptocurrency “Mining”

When we think about cryptocurrency mining, we often visualize intricate algorithms and expensive equipment. However, STEPN introduces an entirely fresh approach to mining cryptocurrency – through your physical activity.

Instead of relying on computational power, STEPN leverages your ability to move. Every step, jog, or run becomes a method of “mining” cryptocurrency. But instead of converting electricity into crypto, you are converting your calories and energy.

The application operates simply: purchase a pair of in-game NFT sneakers and begin your “mining” by moving. The rate at which you earn GST (Green Satoshi Tokens) depends on the type of sneakers and your activity level. This approach adds a gamification element to your daily workout, making the process both fun and motivating.

An interesting fact: as of writing this article, a single GST is valued at $0.1441. This isn’t just another virtual coin – it’s a real cryptocurrency with genuine market value.

Many might wonder: why not combine a healthy lifestyle with an opportunity to earn? STEPN provides a unique chance to do precisely that. The app demonstrates that innovations in the cryptocurrency realm can go hand-in-hand with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To get started, download the application and undergo a straightforward registration. Remember to grant access to your location so the app can verify your real movements and activity.



In today’s dynamic crypto universe, the notion of generating digital coins using our daily devices like smartphones can raise eyebrows. Sounds unlikely, given the escalating complexities and costs. However, there’s a twist in the tale. Innovative apps like Sweatcoin and STEPN are redefining the norms. Imagine converting your routine strolls or morning runs into a captivating “crypto adventure.” With apps like Sweatcoin, every stride you take potentially boosts your digital savings. It goes beyond merely racking up points; its worth might escalate as time goes on. On the flip side, STEPN gamifies the experience – your virtual footwear dictates your crypto earnings. But the essence isn’t solely in profiteering; it’s about blending wellness and playful immersion into the realm of cryptocurrency. As this evolution continues, we’re left wondering: what other exciting permutations await us in the crypto narrative?

In a time when our gaze is often glued to screens, intertwining health and cryptocurrency offers a refreshing counter-narrative. It’s more than mere tech innovation; it represents a fusion of imagination and unconventional thinking. Who could’ve foreseen a time when our physical activity might pay dividends? These apps are striking chords, particularly with the younger lot. They’ve turned fitness into an enticing challenge, creating bonds and nurturing collective spirits. The prospect is tantalizing: our everyday activities, spurred by the allure of blockchain, might usher in breakthroughs we haven’t yet fathomed. The path ahead gleams with promise; cryptocurrency is not just revolutionizing our financial perspective but urging us towards a healthier, more active lifestyle.